Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Ahhhhhhhhhh.. I am alive..  no doubt I have not been making any updates.. but I have a good excuse.. many things have happened since the last few months.. one being- Fred and I got married.

 It was one of those simple registration at the town hall with just the immediate family members. We were busy with our new apartment, with the papers to get married, papers to stay in Germany, having my parents around and we did a fair bit of travelling that I should also soon post about.

So ta-da, and cheers to a new beginning.

Speaking of new beginnings, I am lucky enough to have a new contributor. Amy, the founder of Pikaland will be joining us. I can't heap enough praises on Amy. She is incredibly talented, just head to Pikaland to see- but most of all, she is the kind and nourishing person that gives you nudges in your life. She has given me a quick kick to get of my ass and start doing something with this blog... "What do you love most?", she asked. "Eating and travelling!!", was of course what I answered.

So more is coming... on eat, laugh and travel...

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