Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lessons about life I learnt from Candy Crush

Art mimics life and life mimics art? I find that life is a lot like a game of Candy Crush. Assuming that everything is random and not controlled by an algorithm that is trying to make you part with your money, here is what I learnt:

1. You can still succeed through sheer luck, without knowing anything. BUT it wouldn't get you too far. To survive you need to learn the way of the game!

2. While skills are definitely important, so is luck. If you are given a shitty combinations, it is like playing with a very bad hand in poker.. it just tough.. don't blame yourself and don't blame the game.

3. When you are successful, it could just be luck again - doesn't mean you got any better at the game but you got through.

4. If once you don't succeed, try and try again. You can't have good luck all the time, but you can't have bad ones all the time neither! I once played a stage for one whole week, I didn't get any better, one day I got lucky.

5. Sometimes you only realise you made an obvious mistake after you've done it. But there isn't an undo button.. there is always many what 'might have been'-s. You just need to try and try again.

5. With little skill and luck, having deep pockets help! You can buy your way through 'cheats' to get extra lives, special power items and such.. but isn't this just like real life? When you have the dough, you can access the help. You could still screw up though, but it certainly makes life easier. But then again, half the fun is trying to get there. 

6. I think the most important lesson though, is have fun. Don't let it consume you. And don't compare.. most people I know are playing at 3 digit level.. I am pretty much at the level 86 now and that is NO SHAME!!

Have fun!

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