Eat Laugh Travel is an independent, quirky take on food, travel, culture and things that tickle our team's fancy.

"Eat Well, Laugh Often, Travel More" is derived from the ever popular "Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often" taken the poem "Success"  by Bessie Anderson Stanley.

Our dreams are less lofty, we strive only to share our little adventures so that it can serve as a true tale of caution or inspiration for your adventures.

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Hi, my name is Adelaine 

Adelaine is a 30-something glutton and travel addict. Rather than attempting to fix it, she has decided to embrace it. She loves to take pictures of food and pigging out with her family and friends.

Facts about Adelaine
  • born in Malaysia, living in Germany
  • an Otaku at heart - loves animes & mangas
  • is allergic to exercise
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Hi, my name is Siew Fong 

Siew Fong is a cat freak with an enviable job that takes her to places off the tourist track in Japan, and bosses who believe that enjoying the best local food in town is the way to know and uhm.... revitalize the local economy. Not complaining. Have too much to share with y'all.

Facts about Siew Fong
  • born in Malaysia, living in Tokyo
  • talk cat, drink cat, sleep cat (incurable freak)
  • thinks she has a knack for learning languages
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Hi, my name is Antonio 

Antonio is a dreamer who has never lost his passion to explore a new world. Life seems too boring for him without travelling. He strives in making every moment of his trip a joyful rhythm in the poem of his memory.

Facts about Antonio
  • always thinks he belongs to another world
  • a sentimental guy; sometimes a bit too sentimental
  • will die if he can not dream any more
Contact Antonio by email: tony.w.alves@gmail.com


Hi, my name is Fréd

Fred is most passionate about travelling and is always excited to discover new places and new cultures. Since knowing Adelaine, Fred started his love affair with the camera and is now an aspiring travel photographer.

Facts about Fréd
  • is French and very proud of it 
  • born and bred in Bordeaux, now working in Germany 
  • hate this crazy fruit named Durian